Spider Vein Treatment & Removal

Spider VeinSpider veins (or telangiectasias) are visible small veins within the skin. The cause of spider veins is a faulty valve in a small vein under the skin. They frequently run in families and their development is influenced by hormones. They tend to be multiple and grow larger over time. Spider vein treatment involves the removal of the vein by damaging it and allowing the body to absorb it. There are several methods commonly used to accomplish this. Sclerotherapy is the most common treatment for spider veins. Laser therapy is best utilized for fine veins or for more limited areas. Tumescent Enhanced Sclerotherapy is a significant advance over traditional injection sclerotherapy and was invented at AmeriVein.

As opposed to traditional sclerotherapy vein treatment, Tumescent Enhanced Sclerotherapy is less harsh on the patient because it does not require a high concentration of injection solution and fewer treatments are required to yield the same results.

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Tumescent Enhanced Sclerotherapy

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